A journey through the history of the Earth
The last piece of Adria,
the (almost) lost continent
A millennial landscape

The Alta Murgia National Park and the Apulian Premurge are part of a karstic territory that is exceptionally rich in 'geosites', both on the surface and underground.

The term geosite stands for a 'site of geological interest' and represents an element of geodiversity of international, national or local value, based on its uniqueness in the geological history of the planet.

As a whole, the Alta Murgia and the Premurge represent a unique element of geodiversity, being the last deep-rooted leg (together with the Istrian Karst) of an old continent: the Adria.

Between the tracks of dinosaurs and Men of Neanderthals

The entire region corresponds, in fact, to a portion of the Mediterranean basin where the old Adria Plate 'survives’ - an almost lost continent 'squeezed' between Africa and Europe due to their convergence.

This exceptional revelation helped nominate the Alta Murgia National Park as an aspiring Unesco Geopark.


The MurGEopark (aspiring Unesco Geopark) is located in Europe, in the eastern sector of southern Italy (Puglia), roughly between 40°37’ and 41°16’ N and between 15°58’ and 16°52’ E.


UNESCO Geopark candidate territory corresponds to the north-western Alta Murgia and the Premurge area of Apulia. The entire area is predominantly hilly, with altitudes up to about 680 metres.

The Alta Murgia area is characterised by the presence of woods, karstic caves, sinkholes, escarpments, peculiar watercourses, extensive pastures and architectural elements with settlements linked to farming and pastoralism.

The area includes the municipal territory of 15 towns in the provinces of Bari, BAT and Taranto. The total population is around 440,000.

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By plane or train:
from Palese airport you can reach the centre of Bari by Ferrovie Bari-Nord (Ferrotramviaria S.p.a.).
If you want to go from Bari to Gravina in Puglia, you can take one of the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane (FAL) trains that cross several towns of the Murgia.

Alternatively, you can get to Gioia del Colle by train using the state railways (Trenitalia)
and from there proceed to verso Santeramo, Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Santeramo, Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola or Minervino Murge.
The Ferrovie Bari-Nord (Ferrotramviaria spa)
railways take you to Bitonto, Ruvo, Corato and Andria.

By car:
from the A14 Bologna-Bari motorway, exit at Trani, Molfetta, Bitonto, Bari-nord, Bari-sud, Gioia del Colle and follow the directions to get to the towns comprised by the aspiring Geopark.
Alternatively, this area can be accessed from Basilicata and Calabria via state roads 96 and 99.
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A karst heartland where ancient history blends, nature, flavors and knowledge. A silent destination.
A corner of the world out of time.

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